You will see photos of the small town of Bueckeburg, starting from the foundation in 1304 until nowadays, including the surrounding landscape.
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Bueckeburg: A short introduction
Learn more about our home town and our countryside in the northern lowlands of Germany
Part 1: City - Castle - Village A city walk to show you the highlights of Bueckeburg: telling about famous citizens, the devil in the Lutheran Church, a medieval pillory, traditional dances in historical costumes, the castle and much more  Playing time: appr. 27:30 Minutes
Part 2: Flora & Faune - Seasons A walk around Bueckeburg through all seasons from January until December. Watching storks from mating and breeding until the young storks are grown up. You will see our wildlife, discover traditional herbs as natural remedies, wild flowers and much more Playing time: appr. 35:30 Minuten
Wolfgang Praegler & Gudrun Mirbach-Praegler