Wolfgang Praegler & Gudrun Mirbach-Praegler
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The Pied Piper of Hamelin
     The   town   of   Hamelin   we   find   about   35km   southeast   of   Bückeburg   at   the   river   Weser.   It   is   a   medieval   town   with   lots   of   framed buildings, some of them dating back to 1500 and earlier.       About   the   year   1284,   Hamelin   suffered   from   a   rat   infestation,   bringing   the   bubonic   plague   and   destroying   the   harvest.   Then an   odd-looking   man   in   multi-coloured   cloths   came   along   and   offered   to   free   Hamelin   from   the   rats.   The   mayor   promised   him   a generous   reward.   The   stranger   agreed.   He   took   a   flute   and   as   the   tunes   came   out,   all   rats   came   and   gathered   around   him. With   all   these   rats   the   stranger   marched   out   of   the   town   to   the   river   Weser   were   the   rats   drowned. The   piper   then   went   back   to Hamelin   and   asked   for   his   pay,   but   the   mayor   refused.   The   stranger   got   very   upset,   and   when   the   adult   citizens   were   in church,   he   played   another   melody   on   his   flute.   Now   all   children   came   towards   to   him,   and   with   them   he   went   out   and   none   of them was ever seen again.       Only   3   children   remained: A   deaf   one   who   could   not   hear   the   flute,   a   blind   one   who   could   not   see   the   piper,   and   a   lame   one who could not follow him.
The Osterstraße (East Street) leads into the historic city This framed house was built in 1558 We can see the Pied Piper in life-size This tithe of 1608 was the house where the tax had to be payed Here we can see the desperate citizens of Hamelin The rats are dancing in the streets A multi-coloured stranger shows up The mayor promises him a generous reward Now the stranger starts to play on his flute Suddenly, when they hear the tunes, the rats gather around the stranger In a long row, the rats and the stranger march out of the town All people are dancing joyfully But now, the mayor refuses to pay the full reward to the stranger The stranger got furious, and when the adults were in church, he started playing the flute again, and all children gathered around him. With all the kids, he marched out of town, and none of them ever came back There was mourning and desperation among the citizens of Hamelin He offers to free Hamelin from the rats