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Nepal – 1984 in Kathmandu City
      In   1984   I   visited   Nepal   for   the   first   time   in   order   to   see   a   friend   and   a   previous   colleague.   From   this   voyage   I   will   show   you some   photos   of   the   life   taking   place   in   the   streets   of   Kathmandu. All   the   historic   medieval   buildings   were   destroyed   in   2015 by the disastrous earth quake. With this, a great part of the culture of Nepal has gone forever.
Approaching Kathmandu, we catch a view of Mount Everest. In the City Centre we can see these medieval buildings. Sadhus are wandering from temple to temple. The Sadhus are sitting at temples meditating and begging. At this temple we can see a palmist telling the future. An ascetic Sadhu is doing Yoga. The Sadhu is showing several yoga positions.. Here are spare parts for kerosene cookers on sale. A religious play is performed at this temple. A huge crowd is watching the play. In the streets of Kathmandu. Traditional water bins are made out of copper and brass. A girl holding her exercise book. In the streets of Kathmandu. Rice is drying in the streets. A religious play is going on in the inner yard of the house of the living goddess. Religious dances are performed with costumes resembling hinduistic gods. Here god Ganesh is dancing. He has an elephant’s head. Lots of spectators are watching the dances. In the streets of Kathmandu. In the streets of Kathmandu. In the streets of Kathmandu. In the streets of Kathmandu. In the streets of Kathmandu. In the streets of Kathmandu. These pottery workers produce pots and containers for the household. Before burning the pots must dry.