Wolfgang Praegler & Gudrun Mirbach-Praegler
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Photos of the Week
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Late autumn in the Müritz Nationalpark
      In   the   beginning   of   November,   we   stayed   for   one   week   east   of   the   Müritz,   in   the   tiny   village   of   Boek,   with   a   handful   of houses   only.   Boek   is   a   part   of   the   near   small   town   of   Rechlin.   From   here   we   started   our   tours   with   our   bike   through   the   forest of   the   Müritz   National   Park.   In   spite   of   the   unsteady   weather   with   grey   sky   we   enjoyed   those   tours   in   the   endless   and   wild forests.
We cycle through the autumn forests of the easterly Müritz A carpet of brown leaves covers the forest floor Here ferns cover the forest floor A thick, soft and green carpet covers this pine forest floor It still is the season of mushrooms. This is a yellow chanterelle (no guarantee) This is a Fly Agaric. The colour depends on the soil. We can see a wild primeval forest on both sides of the trails Here dead trees are allowed to fall and to decay In the village of Speck we can see this estate building from the times before World War II Every now and then the forest is a bit more open Even in dull autumn light the dead leaves look shiny The dead foliage of the European Blueberry shows a completely different colouring Autumn coloured Blueberry foliage The dead leaves of the Common Beech are sporting this brown colour This fern has put on autumn colours