Wolfgang Praegler & Gudrun Mirbach-Praegler
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Photos of the Week
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No paradise for wild animals - poachers and more
      Poachers   are   threatening   wild   animals   even   in   Nationalparks.   In   the   northern   Serengeti   in   Tanzania,   we   met   a   pride   of   lions: some females and two males. One male got caught in a slipknot, and he ruptured his right foot in the efforts to free himself.       An   unexperienced   young   lion   got   into   contact   with   a   porcupine   in   Ngorongoro   Crater   in   Tanzania.   The   long   and   pointed spikes   got   stuck   in   the   hind   quarter   of   the   lion,   resulting   in   pain   and   a   strong   infection   with   high   fever.   Rangers   came   along and called for a veterinary via their wireless.       In   Lake   Manyara   National   Park,   in Tanzania,   we   heard   an   odd   whistling,   coming   from   an   elephant   cow.   She   had   been   caught in   a   slipknot   with   her   trunk.   While   trying   to   free   herself,   she   ruptured   the   lower   part   of   her   trunk.   When   breathing,   a   strange rattling and whistling noise arised.       In   Chitwan   Nationalpark,   Nepal,   we   saw   an   Indian   Rhino   with   a   huge   wound   at   the   right   hind   leg.   Whether   it   was   attacked   by a   Tiger   or   by   poachers,   we   could   not   see. At   least   one   female   Indian   Rhino   was   killed   by   poachers,   and   rangers   in   their   camp took care of the half grown and brought it up. Like a dog it went around the camp with people, begging for food.  
This boss of the pride is missing the right hind foot The wound is already old and healed His duties in roaring and impressing he still can fulfill Rangers have found this sick young lion This lion is visibly very sick This elephant cow produced an odd rattling and whistling noise The elephant cow with her short ruptured trunk Gudrun is walking with the young Indian rhinoceros The orphaned young one in the camp of the rangers in the Chitwan, Nepal The baby Rhino is begging for food A pride of lions is resting here This Indian Rhinoceros has a bad and big wound at the right hind leg