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The migration of Cranes
      Every   year,   starting   in   October   until   November,   enormous   flocks   of   cranes   cross   Mecklenburg–Western   Pomerania   in   the northeast   of   Germany   on   their   way   from   the   breeding   grounds   in   Sweden,   Finland   and   Russia   to   the   winter   quarters   in southwest   of   Europe.   During   daytime,   they   get   down   on   fields   for   feeding   to   gain   energy   for   the   further   flight.   There   they may   stay   for   some   days   to   wait   for   good   weather   conditions.   They   do   not   fly   when   there   is   strong   rain   or   opposing   wind. Counting the cranes may reach numbers up to 60,000 individuals.
Enormous flocks of cranes are flying above our heads First, there are only a few of them Sometimes a loud quarrel arises during feeding The cranes prefer cornfields that have already been harvested Cranes are not picky: They take grain, worms, and any small animal. Whatever they find Adult cranes show a bright red colouring of the crown of their head The young cranes show a reddish brown colour A family of cranes, mother, father, and the offspring, is migrating together The cranes are on their way southwest, to their winter quarters Then we can see them on the fields in large numbers It is October in the eastern Müritz National Park During the months of winter, the cranes stay in the southwest of Europe This is a sunset at the eastern Lake Müritz The cranes get down for feeding on meadows and on fields The loud trumpeting of the cranes can be heard from afar