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Pictures in front of our doorstep
  About 20km north of Bückeburg, we find the small locality of Windheim at the river Weser. Because there is no bridge crossing the river, a private association has established a ferry. During summer, from July until September, at weekends, market days and national holidays, people and cyclists can cross the river with the ferry “PetraSolara”. Part of the Weser-Bike- Trail, this ferry counts lots of passengers during summer and in fine weather.   The ferry is solar powered, and the batteries are recharged on a swimming charging unit equipped with solar panels, giving power for a full day of operation. More information about the association and the ferry: https://petrasolara.de/ (German only)   Near Windheim we can see lots of small villages with interesting historical buildings.
Only 20km north of Bückeburg: Windheim at river Weser The Weser here is about 80m wide With this bell, you may call the ferryman when necessary Right you can see the swimming charging unit for the solar batteries Hikers are waiting for the ferry or are simply having a break Sometimes a whole group of bikers turns up When the weather is fine and on weekends the ferry often is packed full Pay for the ferrryman: Adults 1€, and kids 0.50€ Here the ferry is packed with persons and their bikes Ferryman Heinz steers the ferry through storm and waves … Well, sometimes wind and river current makes landing a bit tricky The ferry is nearing the other side The ferry has reached the other side, and the hikers continue their tour Passengers are leaving the ferry, and some others are boarding This town sign of the small village of Jössen dates back to the beginning of the 20th century In Jössen we find this tidy timber-framed house It was built in July 1861