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The walk-in Globe in the palace garden of the castle of Gottorf, Schleswig, was the first planetarium of the world
      About   1660   Frederick   III,   the   Duke   of   Holstein-Gottorp,   had   the   Globe   of   Gottorf   built.   The   work   was   done   under   the supervision   of   his   scientist,   mathematician   and   geographer   Adam   Olearius.   The   globe   had   a   diameter   of   3.1m   and   soon became   world   famous.   For   the   first   time   the   presentation   of   the   world   and   of   the   sky   were   combined.   On   the   outside   the     world   as   it   was   known   at   that   time   is   shown,   and   inside   visitors   could   marvel   at   the   starry   sky   and   the   astrological   and mythological   constellations.   The   stars   and   constellations   were   illuminated   by   candles,   and   for   the   movement   of   the   globe     water   power   was   used.   Like   the   earth   it   turns   around   its   axle,   and   it   was   the   first   planetarium   of   the   world.   Today   one   turn takes about 8 minutes. Up to 8 visitors fit into this globe.       In   1717   the   globe   was   taken   to   St.   Petersburg   by   Tzar   Peter   the   Great   as   spoils   of   war.   There   it   was   destroyed   by   fire   and needed to be rebuilt by tsarina Elisabeth of Russia.   Nowadays the globe in Gottorf is a near-replica, but today with electric lights and motors.
The palace garden of the castle Gottorf in Schleswig This building is housing the Globe of Gottorf Here we can see the history of the globe The world is rotating: We can see the west coast of South America. Now we can see the east coast of South America The vast Pacific Ocean appears This is East Africa, showing the islands of Madagascar, Pemba and Zanzibar This is the Horn of Africa, the biggest part of which today belongs to Somalia The Indian Ocean with India and South-East Asia In the vastness of the Pacific Ocean sailors are threatened by sea-monsters The west coast of America comes into sight The east coast of South America with the mouth of river Rio de la Plata The west coast of Africa appears now The entrance door of the globe comes into view The entrance door shows the emblem of the Duke of Holstein-Gottorp The sky inside the globe shows the stars and the constellation The planetarium inside the globe with illuminated stars and the constellation