A school and an orphanage in Tanzania
Wolfgang Praegler & Gudrun Mirbach-Praegler
  In the small village of Kikatiti, some kilometers east of Arusha, the Dutch organization Happy Watoto NL runs an orphanage, caring for about 60 children. All rooms are suitable for small children, and experienced staff cares for the children lovingly. Every day the children are supplied with healthy and tasty food.   Not far away, near the village of Ngorika, the German organization Good Hope Centre e.V. maintains a boarding school for more than 100 children. In addition, some 170 children of the surrounding villages join in. About 60 persons are employed and working here: Caregivers, teachers, cooks, nurses etc. After finishing school, the children get further support to find a job, to go to secondary school, or to study at a university.           We visited both of these institutions personally, and we were positively assured about the effective work done here.